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The Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) was supposed to be founded in early 2008 in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates by Engr. AP with some other group of Filipino Engineers. This arrangement was modeled where there are only few Filipino Engineers involved in the field of Construction Planning and Scheduling. As Filipino Engineers working abroad, we had the goals and purpose of serving and sharing the know-how to fellow Filipino Engineers in the field of Project Management particularly in Construction Planning and Scheduling. From the time when we envisaged the desires of our fellow Filipino Engineers to get involved in this meadow, we started conducting seminars and trainings through mentoring a group of Filipino Engineers in Abu-Dhabi, UAE, this strategy leads us in meeting and assembling more Filipino Engineers seeking to win over with our ideas.

We thought of establishing an organization of Filipino Planning Engineers on November 2008, but unfortunately Engr. AP, was given the opportunity to work in one of the richest country in the world, the State of Qatar in January 2009.

The desire of serving and facilitating our Filipino Engineers in the field of Construction Planning and Scheduling motivates me more serious effort were exerted to join a circle of Filipino Engineers in Doha, Qatar and there we premeditated and re-established the organization of the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA). It was last 07 July 2011, when we kicked off the organization and started series of talks with the leading members through the personas of Engr. Marlo R. Bumatay, Engr. Axel E. Quezon, and Engr. Charlestone Joseph A. Orbe.

On 05 July 2013, a new clique of Filipino Engineers who have exhibited their interests, supports and interjected a lot on how to institute and materialize the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) through the following personalities of Engr. Mary V. Ledesma, Engr. Susana O. Nacario, Engr. Glecyca C. Maranan, Engr. Jowell C. Cando, Engr. Medel F. Dalida, Engr. Danilo L. Chan, Engr. Allan C. Algado, Engr. Dante G. Paubsanon, Engr. Emilio M. Manalo, Engr. Clifford L. Testa, Engr. Allen D. Nacario, Engr. Elvin D. Fajutagana, and Engr. Aurora M. Asda.

Ultimately after a series of conversations, brainstorming and symposium, the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) were finally established in Doha, Qatar by thirty (30) Filipino Engineers with different construction discipline and expertise. The thirty (30) Founding Members were working at various Engineering and Construction Companies through the growth and development in the State of Qatar. Eventually, the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) was the first Filipino Planning Engineers organization in the Philippine history headed by its Founder Engr. AP as the Founding President.

Finally, following the successful completion of all the necessary requirements, on 10 December 2013, the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) was officially recognized and accredited by the Philippine Embassy in Qatar, as a non-profit organization of Filipino Engineers which aims to keep Filipino Planning Engineers abreast about the latest technology and for the purpose of producing quality Filipino Planning Engineers that should be globally competitive. It also supports the continuing professional development of all members and to promote, enhance and impart the power of knowledge and development about construction planning and scheduling, cost control and programming techniques as well as project management as a whole.

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