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Dear team-mates, as founder and selected Vice President of FPEA since 2013, let me share with you some highlights on how transformed my whole career into Planning / Scheduling and Cost Control.

I worked in different prestigious Contractor Company’s in the Philippines for over 16 years (1989 – 2005) as Project Engineer / Project Manager until I decided to change my role into Planning and Scheduling. In view of my interest to work outside the home country, I had given a chance to land a job in the Middle East (Dubai UAE and Doha Qatar) with a certain task to perform a heavy Construction Planning and Scheduling for a period over 10 years (2005 up to present). I have been involved in different fields of Construction and Supervision Contract. I’ve been party to turn-over the completed multi-billion dollar Cost of Projects in the Philippines and Middle East Countries.

As time elapses by decades, the key performance indicator (KPI) of my career path revealed that the great opportunities for me are in Planning and Scheduling of which I focus on.

Sometime in July 2011, I’ll be one party who proposed for the creation of Planning Engineers Organization in Doha State of Qatar. The unique organization name: Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) was formally recognized by the Philippine Embassy in Qatar on December 2013. FPEA now successfully exists, survived and continuously growing.

The ‘’Filipino Planning Engineers Association’’ (FPEA) was created in order to provide assistance (not financial but educational) for all Filipino Planning Engineers but not limited to all Filipinos aspiring to be future Project Planner working local and international.

FPEA’s intentions for the members are: to build-up self-confidence and to broaden their understanding towards expertise in the field of Planning and Scheduling; to become updated to the current version of Primavera Project Planning Software (P6) and to activate the members for their job readiness and competitiveness to any battle of Project Management, Planning & Scheduling globally.

When the FPEA conducted many interesting topics during the Seminar related to Project Planning and Scheduling and others pertaining to Contract Management where most of which I have attended, I learned and discovered a lot of advanced information (tips & tricks and techniques etc..) in Primavera’s functionalities and its usage.

Based on my own assessment, most of the advanced knowledge and technique in Primavera can be acquired and developed through FPEA’s Seminars and through responses from the brilliant ideas of FPEA members. Added knowledge is coming from the sharing of ‘’Questions & Answers’’ through the ‘’On-line’’ communications via Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp, nonetheless, the largest amount of excellent thoughts are coming through the ‘’One on One’’ teaching from the mentor of all mentors, FPEA Founding President, AMP.

Now that the FPEA Website is already accessible and working fantastically, all Questions and Answers can be found in the forum section. I would encourage everyone to be a member of FPEA in order to access all queries, answers and discussions in the website.

Each day, the situation is changing and unpredictable. Termination of Services from current Company is unforeseeable and probability to lost job can happen anytime. Losing of current job is not our choice, but we can do something better to stand firmed and stronger by strengthening our own foundation, but how? By doing it alone, the long process is required, without help from other is too complicated especially if we do not have the proper support and back-up.

In light of these, we need companions and connections, we need expert people surroundings us, we need community and therefore, we must need to be a component of the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) in order to sustain our knowledge and increased self-confidence, capacity and capability.

Gratefully to say that being FPEA member is an investment. We should always ambition to be an asset to any organization. Opportunities never lost, it will stay forever with the persons who are capable and has the authority to embrace it. I believed that FPEA is a well-built organization for our career’s foundation and therefore, opportunities will increasingly stay on us but we need to do our part. We need to Plan, Execute and Monitor the ladder of our success. Success is intentional; this will never grow for doing nothing, you must generate them.

If you are FPEA non-member and dreaming to be an expert in Planning and Scheduling, try to become a member of FPEA and you will discover the beauty of your dream.

If you are still struggling with your present role and you want to develop further your skills in Planning and Scheduling, I encourage you to attend FPEA seminars to get rid of your uncertainties in Planning.

If you have thousands of activities in a complex project and sometimes you don’t know what to do and how you will manage it, then, try to be a member of FPEA and you will discover unsolicited advices from the expert.

If you want to be a proud Planning Engineer and wants to meet brilliant Planners, you MUST be a member of FPEA.

Likewise, if you want to prosper in your career, then, you need to PLAN your future by setting a goal and list down the requirements on how to get there. It’s not yet late to join and be a member of FPEA, better to decide right now rather than tomorrow because even the Creator of the Universe has a better PLAN for you. Maybe this is the right time.

Let me share to you one of my favorite Verses: Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the PLANS I have for you, ‘’declares the Lord” PLANS to prosper you and not to harm you, PLANS to give you Hope and Future’’.

Dear fellow Filipinos, what are we waiting for, pause for a while, meditate, discern and decide where you want to see yourself for the next couple of years. If you wish for an improvement in Planning, try to join us and we shall assure you, you will never regret.

Most of all, be generous in everything, do not forget to share our blessings with others (the lessons learnt from FPEA). Invite your relatives, friends and others whom you want them to succeed; encourage them to have links with FPEA members to experience cheerfulness in their heart.

Lastly, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our FPEA Founding President, AMP and to all existing BOD’s, Officers and Members. Good luck to the new set of Officers and welcome to the new Members. For the none-FPEA members, the entrance for improvement is open for you, what you need to do is to step forward to come in and start discovering the excellent way towards Success.

FPEA’ns and Family, God Bless Us All. May the Heavenly Father guide us always in every decision that we will make.

Engr. Marlo R. Bumatay
FPEA ID No. 003