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To my fellow Filipino Planning Engineers, I would like to start my piece with my guiding principle which helped me achieved what I am now, — “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”.

Let me share with you a short story about myself. I started my career as an Office Engineer in Saudi Arabia way back 2002.  After few years of experience in the Philippines I was given the chance to practice my profession as an Engineer in abroad.  I did enjoy my work during that time but still looking for brighter opportunities.  As I get along with my fellow Engineers, I came to know that one of the most in-demand work for Engineers is in Planning and Scheduling.

With my desire to be one of the best Engineers in the field of Planning and Scheduling, I started to learn how to become a Planning Engineer.  At first, it wasn’t easy; I started to buy a lot of books as a reference and tried to familiarize with the Project Management software. When I began learning the basic principles of planning through the Project Management software, it wasn’t easy for me because I do not have anyone with me to seek some advice; I tried to do everything on my own.

But I keep going on and never give up, navigating the hands of time makes me realize that life is always a journey. Unless we have reached our destination, the journey never ends and unless we stop dreaming, opportunity continues to flow. Like Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA), it continues to maintain its Values, Integrity, Quality, Services and Excellence.

Fellow FPEA’ns, we cannot achieve all of these without the great sacrifices of our FPEA’n Heroes, allow me to thank the following founding members, Engr. Marlo R. Bumatay, Engr. Axel E. Quezon, and Engr. Charlestone Joseph A. Orbe, Engr. Mary V. Ledesma and Engr. Susana O. Nacario, Engr. Glecyca C. Maranan, Engr. Jowell C. Cando, Engr. Delfino De Leon, Engr. Medel F. Dalida, Engr. Danilo L. Chan, Engr. Allan C. Algado, Engr. Dante G. Paubsanon, Engr. Emilio M. Manalo, Engr. Clifford L. Testa, Engr. Allen D. Nacario, Engr. Elvin D. Fajutagana, Engr. Aurora M. Asda, Engr. Asuncion V. Lopez and other founding members.

But most of all, the greatest protagonist in our association is all of you my dear FPEA members, who always support our organization and has greatly contributed to the success of the Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA), who dedicated your time, talent and resources in order for us to achieve the laurel of success our young organization has garnered.

Let me emphasize with you, most especially to all members, that being a member of this organization – the Filipino Planning Engineers Association…. is very significant. Significance in the sense that we are aiming a quality of the Filipino Planning Engineers. We, Officers and BOD are serious in our plans to conduct trainings in order to enhance your knowledge in Project Management, Planning, Scheduling and Controlling, Cost Control, Programming Techniques, Risk Management, as well as Extension of Time (EOT) Claim and a lot more.

We didn’t form this organization just to gather the Filipino Planning Engineers but rather we formed this with the purpose of producing quality Filipino Planning Engineers and should be globally competitive. Together we will build the name of FPEA, a name of quality, excellence, and integrity, an association of globally competitive Filipino Planning Engineers.

Together, we can build a new and more progressive Filipino Planning Engineers International, and this will make us attain our dreams of giving a bright future to our families and even to our children’s children. Let us be one in the attainment of our Vision and Mission – that is to formulate a unity and maintain the equality among the Filipino Planning Engineers, and to promote, enhance and impart the power of knowledge and development about planning and scheduling, cost control and programming techniques as well as project management as a whole.

As I end my piece, I would like to challenge each and every one – if you dreamt of a brighter tomorrow then do something about it. Don’t wait for anybody else to do it for you; no one can ever do it, except you. As I said, OPPORTUNITIES DON’T JUST HAPPEN, YOU CREATE THEM! SO KEEP ON PLANNING!!! From the bottom of my heart… I salute you all my fellow FPEA’ns, Mabuhay ang Filipino Planning Engineers, Mabuhay tayong lahat at Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Maraming Salamat.

Engr. AP, BSc CE, MBA
Founder/Founding President
Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA)
FPEA No. 0001

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