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FPEA Reminder

[13:51, 3/26/2020] FPEA Jason: A blessed and safety day FPEAns!

The call for unity against this COVID-19 is mandated by government both local and abroad. Everyone wants to help and share information; however, we are being reminded to be careful and do due diligence to verify the information before sharing.

If, in any case, you are not sure of the valid sources of the information you are about to share, you may contact the undersigned and we shall do our utmost effort to validate it.

We do appreciate your initiative in helping the fight to solve this pandemic outbreak. To God be the glory. Keep safe FPEAns!

Jayson Ramos – Publications and Information (CoPI)
+974 70011982
[13:51, 3/26/2020] FPEA Jason: For other related concerns, you may contact anyone of the corresponding FPEA Board of Directors;

FPEA FY 2019 – 2020 Board of Directors

President: Engr. Danilo Chan
+974 30238007

1st Vice-President: Engr. Jowell Cando
+974 33546986

2nd Vice-President: Engr. Susana Nacario
+974 55842402

Secretary: Engr. Shielu Manantan
+974 30541922

Treasurer: Engr. Vannielyn Belen
+974 33486446

Auditor: Engr. Ryan Ace Tan
+974 66549698

Business Manager: Engr. Vanessa Malaluan
+974 55387833

PRO: Engr. Felipe Catinoy
+974 30362053

Sgt at Arms: Engr. Guillermo Sabadisto
+974 74482830

Committee Chairperson :
Engr. Gregorio Balleta – FPEA Affairs (CoFA)
+974 70294743

Engr. Moises Lavalle – Social & Sports Development (CoSSD)
+974 33173801

Engr. Jowell Cando – Membership (CoMe)
+974 33546986

Engr. Raymund Suralta – Ways & Means (CoWMe)
+974 66859437

Engr. Vanessa Gallego – Continuing Professional Advancement (CoCPA)
+974 55261141