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Filipino Planning Engineers Association Objectives

Since the time FPEA was founded, Engr. AP (Founder of FPEA) together with the Officers and Board of Directors (Founding Members) sets short-term and medium term goals that FPEA will accomplish.

We believe in the potential of Filipino Engineers working in different countries all over the world. Filipinos are known as hardworking people and talented. We work at par or even excel in jobs dominated by citizens of far advanced countries. However, most of us are too humble and are content in our comfort zone of being a subordinate.

Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA) as it was officially recognized and accredited by the Philippine Embassy in the State of Qatar on 10 December 2013 has multiple objectives as follows:

  1. To invite all Filipino Engineers working all over the world to join the organization and to share and impart their knowledge and experience in project planning and project management.
  2. To support and assist Filipino Engineers who are interested in enhancing their knowledge in Project Planning, Scheduling and Controlling by conducting trainings, seminars and workshops.
  3. To promote FPEA as an inspiring social and professional community of Filipino Engineers in different countries all over the world.
  4. To build FPEA as one big family of Filipino Engineers who will help each other in our professional growth so we can survive with each other’s help and we will be known as world class Engineers and globally competitive.
  5. To help build courage and confidence of members who have potentials so they will be completely competent in entering the door of opportunity for chances of occupying a seat on equal footing with other nationals.

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