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Dear Fellow FPEA’ns,

I am greatly honored as I was one of the few members then that our affectionate Founding President, Engr. AP selected to be part of the prestigious and continually growing Filipino Planning Engineers Association (FPEA).

If I can recall, it was during our group class when Pres. AP divulged his plan on establishing an organization, which intends to support our fellow Filipinos excel in the Project Management industry and enhance their skills in construction planning and scheduling. Back then, Pres. AP used to join international web forums and orchestrate “one on one” or “group workshops” to promulgate his vision, knowledge and skills to our fellow Engineers and Professionals in order to grow and become competitive. Special thanks to you Sir AP!

I felt reluctant and flattered at the same time because of all the people Pres. AP, knew I was one of his selections. A question popped into my mind – “why me and especially others whom I felt more deserving?”. Deep in my thoughts though, this will be a chance to accomplish one of my dreams – you may search for my name in Google to find out more.

Kidding aside, it was because of Pres. AP’s encouragement and having a common goal – to back Filipinos and strive excellence in the world of Project Management. On top of that, being a patriot solidifies my decision to be part of FPEA. What happens next was a 2-year exceptional experience and service that adds to the history of FPEA.

As the Chairman of the Committee of Membership (CoMe), I thank you all FPEA’ns who cooperated and supported the committee for almost 3 years under my term. Sad to say though is nearly ending. I hope that during my term, the Committee has served FPEA’ns well.

The secret of the group’s success did not come from me alone but also the collective effort from the officers behind me (some are currently here and some are already outside of Qatar) that treated the group as Family. They managed, dedicated and sacrificed time & effort to make the CoMe Team more efficient. They treated CoMe as their second job despite of pressures and obligations at their real work and daily lives for the sake of FPEA. To you my Lovable Team (you know who you are) – GOOD JOB!

FPEA is my second FAMILY! I may be leaving the chairmanship but not FPEA. I will continue supporting the new BOD’s and the organization in any way I can as needed. I urge my fellow FPEA’ns to continue to support the new set of Board of Directors and the organization by providing ample time, skills and knowledge and a dedication almost like their second family for the organization to grow larger, stronger and better than ever with God’s providence.

Before I close my message, I want to leave this to all my fellow FPEA’ns – wherever we are in our lives, whatever commitment, hardships and sacrifices we are now into, it will all pass if we are surrounded by those people we call FAMILY. Again, to my second family, Kudos FPEA.

FPEA ID No. 0013